The German Seamen's Mission has been present in the port of Amsterdam since 1888. It has been based on the Keizersgracht since 1954.

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"Support of Seafarers' Dignity" - the guiding theme of our pastoral care to seafarers on board their ships. Read about our main task in Amsterdam.

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And The Winner Is: Frau Charla Schutte

And The Winner Is: Mrs Charla Schutte
Our fundraising campaign: "A car for Amsterdam" has now come to an end. Thanks to many donors and the generous help of the Deutsche Seemannsmission e.V. it was possible to purchase a "new" second-hand Skoda Fabia Combi as a company car for our work. We thank from the bottom of our hearts all those who donated one.
Othilia Wagner and Luis Würde Rodriguez - both volunteers in Amsterdam - took the draw for a weekend for two in the guest house in Amsterdam. We congratulate Ms Charla Schutte on her win and look forward to welcoming her as a guest soon.




Travelling to the Netherlands

Upgrade 28.06.2021: The warning of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany against travelling to the Netherlands has been lifted. Travel between the two countries is possible without testing or quarantine. Welcome back!


The Corona pandemic brought with it many new terms and many more rules. Some people lose track of them all - which is understandable. Again and again we get calls asking what the situation is like in Amsterdam. Whether the hotels are open at all. And whether we carry out checks at the reception.
Some things can be said quite simply:
- The hotels were never closed (unlike in Germany).
- Hoteliers are not allowed to carry out checks of any kind
- The travel rules are constantly changing and we cannot give any binding information.
- For travellers between the "worlds" the following applies: When entering NL, the Dutch rules apply; when leaving NL, the rules of the destination country (e.g. the FRG) apply.

Very good and comprehensible explanations of the Dutch rules can be found (continuously updated) here:

Actually, the Netherlands should have designated the FRG as a "yellow" zone long ago. Apparently, however, the Foreign Ministry is waiting until the bridge weekends are over in Germany. Because according to its own rules of classification, this change is long overdue.

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And as always (at least for the Netherlands): Dont worry - be happy!

Uw bent van harten welkom!


A flower greeting in difficult times

A sea voyage was never fun and yet seafarers manage life on board. Living and working in a confined space for months demands mutual respect. Sometimes, going ashore provides a change of pace - enjoying a few hours of "freedom". But since Corona, shore leave has become almost impossible. Either the shipping companies are not very enthusiastic or the port authorities forbid it.
Seafarers on their ships provide for us people on land. Without seafaring, the world economy would grind to a halt. Without seafaring, our world would stand still.
So we thought: Let's say thank you for once. A very small thank you. Almost inconspicuous: a pot of primroses or daffodils for each mass. And as small as these flowers are: They brought joy and were received with a big smile.
blumenaktion 2021

Working in Covid-19-Times


In addition to mouth-nose masks, which are compulsory in all public areas of our guest house, the indoor air in the office is circulated 8x per hour by an air purifier. This device is equipped with 3 filters - including a Hepa-14 filter that removes viruses from the air. A second unit is located in the breakfast room.

Both are building blocks of our hygiene concept.

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Important notes

 The requirements regarding the corona pandemic are currently changing almost every week. Many websites claim to be up-to-date - but they are not. Click here to go to the official Covid19 site of the city of Amsterdam. For official travel information of you country: Please read the official websites of the goverment.

The protection of peoples' health is very important to us, Some special rules apply, we ask all guests to follow them:

In public places of our guesthouse, guests must wear a face mask. This applies 24 hours a day in the stairwell and corridors - even if guests return home late at night.

We ask you to wash your hands as regularly as possible - disinfectant gel is available in the entrance area of the house.

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